This offering is a deeper dive into the history and legacy of the modern Civil Rights Movement. It can take two forms:

  • A Ten Session Class (90 minutes per session) that includes large group presentation featuring video clips and dramatic readings followed by small group reflection and sharing. This class can be sponsored by an individual church or in partnership with other churches/ministries.
    • $2,000 for the ten weeks.
  • Churches of different racial majorities partner for this 18 month to 2 year series of 8-10 half-day workshops including forming a covenant group that practices shared spiritual disciplines, coordinates workshops with The Cornelius Corps, and commits to working together on an ongoing issue of racial justice/reconciliation. The workshops go into greater detail by following the major events and witnesses from a specific year of the Civil Rights Movement (i.e. 1960, 1961, 1962, etc.). Special attention is given to the 50th to 60th anniversaries of events that have been or will be celebrated over the next several years.
    • $5,000-6,000 per partner church/ministry payable over two years or a two-year commitment as a Cornelius Corps Partner at $250 per month (See Cornelius Corps Community Partners Page).